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Backhand - usually the standard throw for ultimate players. This throw has the players fingers curled under the disc with the thumb on top. The arm is extended and brought across the left side of the body.

Bid - a failed attempt to catch or block the disc.
Bomb - When one team breaks up an advancing teams offense and throws the disc to nobody on the opposite side of the field. This tactic is used to reset the teams offense and clear out of your own endzone.
Bookends - When a defensive player effectively defends the disc and scores on the ensuing possession
Brick - A pull that is untouched by the receiving team and lands out of bounds.
Blade - A forehand throw that is thrown high in the air and falls hard and fast to the left side.
Callahan point - ( UPA rules ) When an opposing team has their pass intercepted in their own endzone. This results in a point for the intercepting team.
Chilly - Used to remind a player to stay calm and patient with the disc, in hopes that they do not rush a throw.
D - Defense or Defend
Corkscrew - a reverse hammer ( see hammer )
Cut - integral part of a route by a receiver
Disc in - signals the opposing the team that the disc is coming into play
Dump - A throw to a person who is usually used as a safety valve. Normally someone that is standing close or even behind the thrower for an easy outlet.
Foot Block - When the foot is used to block a pass immediately after it releases the players hand
Force - A tactic used by the defending team to force the thrower into a specific type of throw, or force them to throw to a specific area of the field.
Forehand / Flick - Thrower leads with middle finger, arm never crosses the body and at the extension of the arm, the player flicks the wrist to throw the disc.
Hack - Foul
Hammer - A forehand grip that is thrown over the head. This throw results in the disc flying upside down before tailing off at the end of its flight.
Handler - The person with the disc
Hospital Throw - A throw that stays in the air for a long time, allowing multiple players to be going for the disc at the same time, thus increasing the chances for injury.
Huck - A long throw that extends atleast half the distance of the field in an attempt to reach a downfield receiver
Layout - A diving catch or diving to defend the disc
Mark - Similar to a force, but the defender is attempting to block all possible throws by moving arms and legs to get in the way of the throw. Contact is not allowed.
O - Offense
Pick - Stepping in front of the disc while on defense and either catching or knocking it down
Pull - A long throw that starts play and initiates the opposing teams possession. This is used in a similar way to the kickoff in football
Scurvy - One of the ultimate embarrassments for a defender. It is the act of faking out the defender so bad that they believe the disc has been released.
Sky - When a player grabs or defends the disc at a much higher point than the other players on the field
Stack - offensive strategy that lines up offensive players one behind the other as they each break a separate way in an attempt to get open
Swing - Throwing the disc across field usually to reset the stall count or open up a different side of the field, this throw is not necessarily intended to move the disc closer to the goal line
Stall count - the defensive player counts up to ten, if the disc is not released before the count reaches ten, it results in a turnover
Swill - A bad throw, usually one that does not have a lot of spin, and not likely to be caught without great effort from the receiver
Taco - A disc that is warped, if it happens during game play, the disc is either straightened or replaced. If it is too bad to be fixed you can always get new ones at www.DiscAce.com
Turn - Short for turnover, and alerts players that the disc will be going to other way
Up - Shouted once the disc has been released to alert the other defenders



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